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All about Freedom Souls Paragliding

In the store you will find everything

freedom souls paragliding is a group of highly experienced and certified pilots who enjoy being able to share with our clients the pleasure, tranquility and beautiful views of the beautiful Portuguese landscapes that you have the opportunity to enjoy through free paragliding flight.

A unique, recreational experience suitable for the whole family and the general public who enjoy nature, adventure sports or simply like to enjoy new experiences, in our hands it is something that you will be able to find with the tranquility and security offered by the wide experience and professionalism of our pilots with the security of a highly qualified team to carry out this activity.

Don't think twice and don't miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience with our pilots.

In addition to this, we offer a wide series of products and training related to the sports practice of paragliding on the beaches, coasts and mountains of Portugal, starting with the instruction of novice pilots, sale of equipment, certifications, approvals, and other related and related activities. to paragliding. 

We will wait for you. 

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